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March 18, 2014

I was writing a fan listing application a little earlier today and while doing so, it brought up a lovely memory of a character. This character's name is Hoshiyomi and he comes from the series InuYasha. I had long forgotten about this character who has actually been a long favourite of mine. So how could I forget about him? Well, it's been many years since I even thought about him or even seen the series. He's a very minor character in the anime only who was created for a few filler episodes.

He's quite a sad character actually who was a demon. He loved a human woman who he thought had betrayed him. In fact though, she died trying to save him. He never knew though until hundreds of years after her death. Her spirit came back and he learned what had really happened. It was very sad.

He didn't understand why or how she could betray him. He had trusted her. In fact though, it was the sword he had that possessed him really that caused him to lose trust in her and that's why he couldn't see clearly. It was because of this evil sword that he couldn't see that she would never betray him.

He suffered a very sad fate because him and his love couldn't be together. I wished they could have him. His love, the human woman, her name was Tsukiyomi, by the way, and she loved him very much.

To be honest, I don't remember if he died. I suppose if would be quite nice if he did. At least then they could be together in death, if nothing else. Fictional characters or not, their love was very beautiful. I do believe that they would have been together in death.

Perhaps I'll start a fanlisting dedicated to Hoshiyomi as well as one dedicated to the relationship between him and Tsukiyomi.

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